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Support your heading with general information about your residential pest control philosophy. This is a great place to put credentials, service area, customization options, bundling options, a general promise of guaranteed service, and other facts that will assure your reader that your company provides what residential customers need.

Our Home Pest Control Program

This section can highlight a specific pest control program, which you offer, a specific pest you offer targeted service for, a description of how you protect residential structures from invasive pests, or any narrative that informs and engages potential residential pest control customers. Be sure to write to your audience. Most of the visitors to this page will be homeowners looking for a trustworthy solution to their pest problems. If they have a specific need, such as a rodent infestation, a section that talks directly about rodent control (with a photo to the right) will quickly catch their attention. Other readers will simply move to the next section if they're not interested.

Additional Residential Services

Use this section to continue sharing information about the pest control programs you offer or begin a narrative about how your team works to effectively manage pests. Whatever direction you choose to go will also affect how you use the photos and headings below. 

If you chose to use this section and the section above to highlight pest control programs, the bottom three sections could have more specific information about how your service breaks down, or they could be used for other specific service plans such as seasonal mosquito service, fire ant control, or termite protection. If you covered your pest control approach in this section and the section above, you might use the bottom three sections to highlight your different level pest control plans. 


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